Contributed Links

This page showcases useful links regarding Transgender related topics, provided either by myself or by others in the comments below.  Its meant to be an easy to find and access One-Stop-Shop of links.

If you have a link you would like to see added to this page, post a reply below with the link, and I will add it (after checking of course) to the page. 🙂

I promise to keep them organized and easy to get through once they start coming in.

Peace and Love!

– Tamara


Now…  The Links 🙂



Transgender Wiki Page

Care and Reference:

WPATH Standards of Care – Standards set for care of Transgender indivduals.

Transgender Law Center – Official Website

Friends & Facebook:

Transgender Law Center – Facebook page

Tammy World – Blog by Tammy Ann Matthews detailing her transition from start to finish!

Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!) on Facebook

Lady Valor – Facebook page of Kristin Beck

Sona Avadian’s Facebook page

Lizzy the Lezzy


Entertainment / Music / Celebrity Trans Links:

Laura Jane Grace’s (of Against Me!) AOL Series – True Trans – A MUST watch!

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