New Years 2015 at Moon Base Alpha

So here we are… 2015 … Yep..  made it 🙂  Yay!

I got the exquisite luxury of spending mine on “Moon Base Alpha”, what my new friends Trysch and Steve affectionately call their home.  🙂  Yep my kind of people! 🙂

Queen Hostess, Keeper of the Closet, Trysch :)

Queen Hostess, Keeper of the Closet, Trysch 🙂

RPG / Dungeon Master / ModelPaiter  Steve :)

RPG / Dungeon Master / ModelPaiter Steve 🙂

Now, keep in mind this was the first time I went ANYWHERE as me… and I had not even officially “met” these folks face to face… yet still, I was told… “Come how you want, we don’t judge… its a safe place.”   How cool is that?

So mustering up whatever courage I had… I decided to go for it.  I am going to have to deal with this kind of fear anyway right?  I got completely sidetracked on Facebook, lost track of time, and had to do a rush job of “throwing myself together”  … OOOOOPS!! LMAO 😉  (  good thing this wasn’t a beauty pageant 🙂 LOL )

How things turned out :P Yep ... its Me! lol

How things turned out 😛 Yep … its Me! lol

Another pic of the rush job.  ;)

Another pic of the rush job. 😉

So…. with my orders in hand from my Commander ( Penelope ) to find the secret stash of clothes.  Off I went 🙂

Havin a stressful puff before leaving :)

Havin a stressful puff before leaving 🙂

I get there, and its an immediate hug!! And “WELCOME!!! Happy to meet you!!” Right that second… Fear went out the window 🙂   We got my coat hung up and stuff organized, the bribery shrimp rings ante’d up ( part of the ReCon plan ;P ), and started to chat and drink and just get to know each other face to face.

It wasn’t a large thing, like perhaps I was expecting, but that is ok too.  I take comfort though, knowing even if it was a huge blow-out sort of thing, I still would have been in a welcoming place.  Her and Steve’s friends are alike, no judging, lets just enjoy. 🙂

Part way through the night, I had to get past the terrifying black floor sloths, the 2 Black Labs they own, to which I was asked if I had a problem with dogs!  These dogs hardly qualify! 😉  They were more like cats… Feed me pet me, let me poo.  😉  Insanely well behaved, and slept often. This was part of my mission!  As a joke, another trans friend ( Penny ) sent me on ReCon to discover the secrets of Trysch’s closet 😉  So this too made the night fun. 🙂

Goin or the goods!!

Goin or the goods!!

We took a bunch of cute pics like this one, and updated to Facebook as Penny also had a good laugh over our shenanigans 🙂

We discussed common interests RPGs, Video Games, and so on… which it appears were INSANELY many.  There are enough musical instruments there to kill a full grown elephant! 🙂

Beatiful Katamari at one point came into the picture… an Xbox game that really has no plot, story, or anything else for that matter… but is just damn fun!  PERECT for the night at hand. 🙂

I also go to meet Trysch’s “little ball of hate”  Ziller 🙂  a gecko who frankly is spoiled rotten, ( like the floor sloths! ) and it was so neat 🙂

Look out Tokyo!!! RAWR!!!

Look out Tokyo!!! RAWR!!!

I am so thankful for having met these wonderful people who just accept me as me.  I am thankful for Penny and Conny too, without them I never would have met Trysch and Steve.  We may even start Rpg’ing together, and I am looking at finally getting a guitar again…

Its funny what just 1 night on Moon Base Alpha can do. 🙂

Maybe we all need to find our own version of it!

Peace and Love!

Happy New Year!!!

– Tamara 🙂

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