Starting off 2015 as ME

I know I don’t post often…

perhaps I should post more.

I feel though that this space is reserved specifically for Trans matters, and should stay on topic.  Facebook is where I get all random.  At any rate… to the point of this post.

I have recently been fortunate to have made some VERY great friends on Facebook, and remarkably many of these new friends are right here in Calgary!  I was invited to spend New Years Eve with one such new friend here, and assured, it is a safe place, come however I want.

I was going to go ‘guy’ … meeting new people can be stressful enough as is.  I got to thinking… I am going to have to ‘meet’ people after and during transition…  why not enjoy a safe place and ring in the new year as ME?!  🙂

So I am going for it, and plan to have a great deal of fun, will post an update with pics, and all that stuff once I have recovered fully! lol

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New years.   Hope your 2015 is wonderful!

Peace and Love!


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