Why Education on Trans issues matters

I recently posted on Facebook something along the lines of educating people will make the difference, and so forth.

To which a friend replied ( and no I won’t name this friend, out of respect) and I paraphrase heavily here ” Well what if people just don’t care?  I don’t care that you are Trans or gay or whatever… so why should that be important to me?”

While I do see the point, and in itself, it is a very valid one.   However I think it has to be looked at from a broader view.

Take for example school, in general.  Not counting uber nerds, geeks and those types ( not an insult… you just excel at academia 😉 ) … how many kids really care about education?  How many would rather be hanging out with friends?  Chilling at the mall?

I know from personal experience, I hated school and education, it was boring useless information being crammed down my throat that I thought I would never need.  AHH…   THOUGHT i would never need.   Its not until you have it, that you actually appreciate and understand the knowledge you gained from it.

I am hardly one to speak on matters of education, being a grade 9 drop out myself, I am what I like to refer to as “real world taught”.   In matters of Trans or LGBT issues though, the more people that just take a bit of time to learn that no. its not a disease, mental disorder, malady or any other sort of deformity the better.  These are people down the road who may just stand up and say to some bigot, “no, you are wrong.”   Someone educated and understanding might actually step in and stop the next senseless murder.  Or at the very least, share what they have learned.  🙂

Its hard for someone like me, who generally doesn’t like being any type of “activist” perse, but in some ways, just who I am will have me doing so anyway.  Educating people isn’t asking for money, isn’t asking you to convert to some pie-in-the-sky religion, its just asking people to open their minds to learn new things that they perhaps don’t understand at present.

With new understanding, maybe there is hope. 🙂

Peace and love,

– Tamara

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