The wait is on …

Well, I know its not much of an update, but it does pertain to my transition, so it is worthy of note.

I contacted Dr. Raiche’s office today to find that there were over 100 others on the waiting list.  Ya, fun times.  I do admit I am a little down about it, but at least things are still moving, slowly albeit, but moving.  I should be looking at a wait of approximately 3 to 6 months.

Dr. Raiche is the final gatekeeper before getting to Dr. Jablonski and HRT.

I have waited this long, a little more won’t hurt.  I can use the time to work out how I am going to deal with work. 🙂

All is still good.  🙂

now its just … wait… wait… wait…  LOL

Peace and Love!

– Tamara

3 thoughts on “The wait is on …

  1. Hi, how did you contact Dr. Raiche and get into the waitlist? Do you need to be referred from a family doctor? If yes, who was your doctor? I feel like my family doctor right now is not as accepting and I can’t confide in her


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