From Chewbacca to silky smooth … at home! A D.I.Y. gadget you may want – The Tria4X home Laser

Chewbacca Approved

Chewbacca Approved

Hi all!

I thought it might be good to share some of the things I have to go through during transition.

One of the biggest, aside from hormones is of course hair removal.  Yep, there is no getting around this one.  Some girls I know wax, some shave, some have paid for excessively expensive fees for professional treatments, and only one other that I know personally has used what I am going to try.

Doing it myself.

I heard of a home laser hair removal system called the Tria 4X.  Which apparently promises the same results as salon based treatment at a one time only cost of purchasing.  Naturally I was sceptical.  Another of those too good to be true things.  It was still intriguing enough for me to continue to research it more.

As it turns out, my ex, and our daughter just happened to have one.  At last! Someone I know who can tell me yes or no!

Tria 4X home Laser Hair Removal

Tria 4X home Laser Hair Removal

They both say it works very well. Ah, but enter in the variable of physiology, they are both genetic female, how would it work though on my naturally MALE hair?  I needed to find someone in my situation who has used it as well.  I managed to find just that.   A Facebook friend named Dani told me she used the very same device to remove her beard and neck hair, and it was painful, and a long process.  BINGO!  So all I need is patience and just ignore the hurt.  All I needed to hear.

For a cost of $515.00 Canadian, I ordered mine, and it arrived VERY quickly.  ( link to their site will be at bottom of post )

I have started using it, and Dani was right, IT HURTS, but only where there is hair, a ha!! So that tells me it is indeed targeting what it should be.  It has 5 power levels, 1 ( for weaklings like myself – for now) to 5 ( pain threshold of say…. Deadpool ), and also has a safety feature that makes you unlock the laser on a patch of skin that you will be treating.  I checks to see if your skin tone is within acceptable treatment shade, and hair is dark enough.

I will, as time goes on post results, and further elaborate on the results I get, as I think this is a remarkable solution for transgender individuals who are perhaps to shy or scared to go into a public salon and start talking about removing trademark male hair.

Save Money!

The cost savings alone also make this device a huge advantage as well.  With the one time cost compared to potentially thousands spent in salon treatment, the clear winner is obvious.

I will continue to update my progress with it.

Here is the link to Tria home Beauty Solutions website:

Tria Home Beauty Solutions

Also, the direct link for the Laser 4X:

Tria Laser Hair Removal

Thanks for reading!

Stay smooth!

– Tamara

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