Where things are currently

Just wanted to get a post up detailing more or less where I sit currently.


I went to see one psych about getting on HRT, and was told that it would take anywhere from 8 – 12 sessions with her ( at $180.00 per session no less!) for her to evaluate me.

OH REALLY?  No thanks.

Through a trans male friend of mine ( yup going the opposite direction! ) right here in Calgary, I was able to hook up with a much better psych, who just happens to be gay as well.  This saves a whole lot of time explaining anything about shame, hiding, fear, self hate… ALL of that.

1 Session with him, moved onto the next round!  Easy peasy! 🙂

Thanks to his referral, I am now waiting for contact from Dr. Raiche’s office, who is essentially THE Gatekeeper in Calgary, the last stop before Dr. Jablonski (Endocrinologist, hormones).


While I wait, I have to also consider how I am going to approach coming out at work as well, and the effects it will have.  It is the final step to me going full time.

Frankly I am terrified.

I will make it work, but it scares the hell out of me just thinking about it.

Peace and love!

— Tamara


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