We are all crazy here!

First of all, welcome to Becoming Tamara!

Becoming Tamara is a personal Blog space created to document my transition from John to Tamara.  Yup I was born male however that wasn’t correct as i found out, now I am going to change that, and set things right.

I hope to help educate others as to what being a transgender person really is, and help with understanding, compassion, equal treatment by showing and sharing my experiences as I go through my transition.

I also hope that this will in some way help those who are considering doing the same as well in the future, and can maybe look to these pages and posts for inspiration, or perhaps find similar like minded people who won’t hate people for who they are.

Bear with me, I haven’t blogged before, but I do look forward to sharing my experience and meeting new people who are genuinely interested in knowing me and hearing my story.

Peace and Love!

Tamara Jean Wallace

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